Scrum Shortcuts Without Cutting Corners

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Ilan Goldstein

Ilan is a Sydney-based Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and director of AxisAgile. He works with startups, market leaders and public companies to improve their agility through the implementation of Scrum.

Publication date: July 16, 2013


Scrum is rapidly gaining momentum as the most popular agile framework primarily because its concepts are simple and they just make sense. However, this perceived simplicity often gives rise to the false sense that Scrum is a 'silver bullet' and trivial to implement. When 'rubber hits the road', the new Scrum team will often find that translating the framework into effective, practical approaches is anything but easy.

Full of easily digestible chapters, 'Scrum Shortcuts Without Cutting Corners' presents a range of tactics, tools and tips that may be employed by a Scrum team to help them reach the next level of efficiency and maturity.

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Table of Contents

Part 1: Scrum Start Up
Shortcut 1 Scrum on the Pitch  
Shortcut 2 Fragile Agile  
Shortcut 3 Creative Comfort  
Part 2: Attitudes & Abilities
Shortcut 4 Masterful ScrumMaster  
Shortcut 5 Rock Stars or Studio Musicians?  
Shortcut 6 Picking Your Team Line-Up  
Part 3: Planning & Protecting
Shortcut 7 Setting the Scrum Stage  
Shortcut 8 Plan the Sprint - Sprint the Plan  
Shortcut 9 Implicating Impediments  
Part 4: Requirement Refinement
Shortcut 10 Structuring Stories  
Shortcut 11 Developing the Definition of Done  
Shortcut 12 Progressive Revelations  
Part 5: Establishing Estimates
Shortcut 13 Relative Estimation Communication  
Shortcut 14 Planning Poker at Pace  
Shortcut 15 Transitioning Relatively  
Part 6: Questioning Quality
Shortcut 16 Bah! Scrum Bug!  
Shortcut 17 We Still Love the Testers!  
Shortcut 18 Automation Nation  
Part 7: Monitoring & Metrics
Shortcut 19 Metrics That Matter  
Shortcut 20 Outstanding Stand-Ups  
Shortcut 21 Taming the Task Board  
Part 8: Retros, Reviews & Risks
Shortcut 22 Retrospective Irrespective  
Shortcut 23 To-Dos For Your Sprint Reviews  
Shortcut 24 Risk Takers & Mistake Makers  
Part 9: Managing the Managers
Shortcut 25 Perception is Reality  
Shortcut 26 Our Lords & Masters  
Shortcut 27 Morphing Management in the Matrix  
Part 10: Larger Lessons
Shortcut 28 Scrum Rollout Reckoning  
Shortcut 29 Eyes On the Prize  
Shortcut 30 Shortcut to the Final Level