Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders

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Jurgen Appelo

Jurgen Appelo is a writer, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, illustrator, developer, manager, blogger, reader, dreamer, leader, freethinker, and... Dutch guy.

Management 3.0

Publication date: December 31, 2010

Agile management is an often overlooked part of Agile. There are many dozens of books for agile developers and project managers, but very few for agile managers and leaders. However, when organizations adopt agile software development, not only developers and project managers need to learn new practices. Development managers and team leaders must also learn a different approach to leading and managing organizations.

It is often heard that, around the world, management is the biggest obstacle in transitions to agile software development. Managers need to learn what their new role is in software development organizations in the 21st century, and how to get the best out of Agile. This book will help them.

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Table of Contents

1 Why Things Are Not That Simple  
2 On Agile Software Development  
3 On Complex Systems Theory  
4 The Information-Innovation System  
5 How to Energize People  
6 The Basics of Self-Organization  
7 How to Empower Teams  
8 Leading and Ruling, on Purpose  
9 How to Align Constraints  
10 The Craft of Rulemaking  
11 How to Develop Competence  
12 Communication on Structure  
13 How to Grow Structure  
14 The Landscape of Change  
15 How to Improve Everything  
16 All Is Wrong, But Some Is Useful