About the Series

Welcome to our website and welcome to the series. When Addison-Wesley approach me about editing a Signature Series of books for them, I was sure they were joking. I was honored but also completely taken aback. It took me a year to realize they were serious. One of my duties as a series editor for them is selecting the authors and books that will be part of the series. I take that duty quite seriously; but, since the series is largely about agile development, and since agile is founded on the ideas of collaboration, I definitely don't select the books on my own. Each book proposed for the series is assessed by all other authors in the series. We want to add books to the series the same way I long ago learned to add members to a team: Each new book will be one that authors currently in the series will be proud to be associated with.

You can see the current and scheduled titles in the series below. Other books are in development and will be listed here after they progress a bit further. I hope you enjoy the series.